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Bridge Outsourcing was created as a solution for staffing and business development needs. Due to our proximity and strategic location in Mexicali, we started helping companies in the SoCal area, as we grew we started adapting our business model to start working with companies all across USA.

We aim to help reduce costs and improve efficiency while providing qualified and educated workforce. That way you can focus on growing and expanding your business.
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Our Story

Bridge Outsourcing started operations in Mexicali, Baja California in 2016 after identifying a need for a company that could provide support to small businesses in California at a fraction of their costs.

Mexicali was identified as the perfect place due to the proximity to the border with USA, educated work pool, and cultural affinity to the US.

Our Mission

Help businesses grow and expand through affordable and high-quality staffing and business development solutions providing qualified workforce and innovation.

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Our Values



We seek our objectives and obligations in the agreed time, monitoring and respecting the time of our customers, partners, suppliers, and colleagues.



Inner strength towards excellence in performance, which involves setting aggressive goals that deviate from what is reasonable for others.



Each member has the power to influence the group, contributing the best of each one, seeking achievement of organizational objectives.



Seek to guide the actions of the company and members within the framework of ethics, honesty, trust, and transparency.



Listen, understand and value each other; seeking harmony in the interpersonal, labor, and commercial relationships.

Why Mexicali

Founded in 1903, Mexicali is the capital of the state of Baja California.

A young, vibrant city with strong economic and cultural ties with California.

Home for over 1 million people with a workforce of over 600,000.

Five public and private universities provide a fresh pool of about 5,300 new graduates on a yearly basis.

More than 25 industrial parks provide facilities for aerospace, electronics, metal mechanic and plastic manufacturing industries.
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