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How It Works

From figuring out what your ideal team would look like, to the filtering, recruiting, enrollment and evaluations. We make this process as simple as possible for you.

1. What remote team do you need

We’ll work together to find a customized solution just for you.

We’ll start by analyzing the problem and selecting what team would be the best solution to this problem.

From the size of the team to the qualifications and requirements.
bridge outsourcing interview

2. Getting started

When we figure out what does your ideal team would look like, we send an agreement for you to review and sign.

Once everything is ready we can start assembling your team.

3. We assemble your remote team

We go through the process of job posting, filtering through resumes, interviewing the best candidates, and doing the right tests.

We then present the necessary candidates for each position that your team requires.

All while maintaining strong communication so you can review every part of the process.  

4. Preparing the team

Once the team is selected we take care of every aspect of enrollment with competitive salaries and benefits.

Then we begin with the training and preparing the team to work for your business.

5. Your remote team starts working!

Your remote team is now ready and prepared to integrate as a part of your business.

We analyse closely your team performance and conduct continuous training programs to make sure your team is always on optimal conditions.


Ready to assemble your remote team?

Get more information or schedule a meeting.